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Terms and Conditions

Rules governing the use of Buy-Proxy.com

By signing up for Buy-Proxy.com you agree to the terms and conditions as follows. No person shall use this service without agreeing to these terms.

Buy-Proxy.com reserves the right to remove users who violate these terms. Any user who violates these terms will not be eligible for the return of payments held within their Buy-Proxy.com account.


  • You are prohibited from making ANY direct contact before the end of bidding. This includes all methods of communication, including phone, ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, etc. Contact information will be provided at the end of bidding, when a member has been chosen to fulfill the Request.
  • Use the message board to contact Buy-Proxy Members.
  • You are prohibited from using Buy-Proxy.com as a method of recruiting Proxies for future work outside of Buy-Proxy.com.
  • All future Requests should be posted at Buy-Proxy.com for competitive bidding.
  • You may only link to an external portfolio website if it contains no contact information.

Any Requests for assistance in paying for banned or illegal substances, products or services.

You cannot post a Request with the intention of advertising a product, service or website.

If your Request requires abnormal bidding (hourly bids, trades, etc.) it must be made a Featured Request.

Requests relating to adult products/explicit material are allowed, however care must be taken to word your Request Description in a manner that is safe for younger viewers. i.e. simply stating I'd like assistance with purchasing some Adult DVD's from an Online Store.
DO NOT put adult/explicit product names or references in your Request Description, such information may only be divulged once you have chosen a Proxy, and then only via the Private Message Boards, or through contact methods outside of Buy-Proxy.com.

Buy-Proxy.com reserves the right to delete offending Requests and terminate your account without payment if this rule is contravened.

You are strictly prohibited from attempting to negotiate a bid amount for a Request outside of Buy-Proxy.com regardless of the Requests status. Any violation of this will result in instant termination of accounts and IP blocking for further use of the service. Phantom contact requests are randomly sent by our system to ensure that everyone is being fair.

No hourly rate bids are allowed. No bids which are clearly too low for the Request. This will be considered as an attempt to avoid commission and treated in the same manner as stated above. No bidding is allowed with the intention of negotiating a higher price later. Use the message board to establish all aspects of the Request before bidding. The only grounds for increasing the price after the Request is closed is if extras are added to the Request. Buy-Proxy.com should be notified if this situation occurs.

You are prohibited from advertising your website on Buy-Proxy.com. Any URL posted on Buy-Proxy.com must relate to the Request and must not be used as a method to encourage contact outside of Buy-Proxy.com. You may establish a portfolio site for use with your personal promotion within Buy-Proxy.com. This site must have all personal contact information removed. You may use the invite user button URL which can be found by viewing your profile from the Buy-Proxy.com site.

Commission can only be paid on completed Requests where the member has completed and paid their commission to Buy-Proxy.com. Commission payments are made on the 15th of each month by PayPal, or by cheque by arrangement. Arrangements can be made for more regular payments for high performing partners.

All payments will be made in US funds. Buy-Proxy.com reserves the right to suspend a withdrawal if the source of the funds is suspected to be fraudulent. Any funds received from an account having made a fraudulent deposit (e.g. stolen credit card) will be reversed immediately. If in a fraudulent payment situation a withdrawal has already been processed, you will be expected to return the funds to your Buy-Proxy.com account within 7 (seven) days or face account termination, and legal proceedings to recover oustanding funds.

No copyright material can be posted on Buy-Proxy.com. You are responsible for understanding copyright laws. Any complaints will result in an immediate suspension and after investigation may result in account termination. We will cooperate with any party who wishes to take legal action against copyright issues. This includes posting of reseller, pirated or third party items that are claimed to be original. Deliberately posting products/services that are deceitful or irrelevant to a postings requirements will result in immediate suspension, and possible account termination.

Any account posting Ebay Reseller items and general Reseller items for any request, will be terminated immediately with all account funds being forfeit. The Buy-Proxy.com site is for Trade Requests/Contracts only. Pirated software offenders will be reported to the copyright owner, all IP's and Account Information will be sumbitted.

To enables us to keep track of active members, and delete inactive accounts. ALL members must login at least once every 30 days.

However, if you have choose to be notified of new Requests by email, the frequency is extended to 90 days.

Buy-Proxy.com reserves the right to change the member Terms and Conditions at any time. However, we will notify you via your registered email address, and by a website notification, at least seven (7) days before any changes come into effect.

We thank you for using Buy-Proxy.com.

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