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Certified Member Minimum Requirements

A certified member is one who has provided and maintains a high level of professionalism and skill related to their contracted services.

To become a Certified Member, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have Completed at least 5 successful Requests as a Proxy
  • Have an overall Feedback score of at least 9/10
  • Agree to the Certified Member Terms set out below
  • Have a Buy-Proxy.com Account balance of at least US$ 25.00 to cover the one time Certified Member Fee

Certified Member Terms & Conditions

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions ('Terms and Conditions') applicable to Certified Members Buy-Proxy.com. Successful applicants (referred to as 'Certified Members') must agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

In the event a Certified Member breaches or otherwise fails to comply with any provision of these Terms and Conditions then in addition to any other remedy available to Buy-Proxy.com, Buy-Proxy.com may revoke the Certified Member status, and may withhold any paid fees.

The Administrators of Buy-Proxy.com shall have complete and absolute discretion as to whether or not they accept a particular individual or organisation for inclusion in the Certified Member program.

Posting Information
Certified Members must always post detailed, accurate and professional information on Buy-Proxy.com, either when bidding, in Request descriptions, or on the message boards and forums.

Incomplete and vague Request descriptions or Bid descriptions are unacceptable.

Offensive and harassing comments will not be tolerated.

Certified Members must always be polite and courteous to other members, as they represent the best that Buy-Proxy.com has to offer. Certified Members should NEVER provide contact details, or post URL's containing such information

Certified Members must always communicate with the other parties involved in their Request, often and throughout the duration of the Request. Lack of communication is the cause of most disputes on Buy-Proxy.com, therefore, Certified Members must be dedicated to avoiding such problems. Too many e-mails are always better than too few, when it comes to updating or requesting updates from the other party. It is strongly recommended that Certified Members make use of instant messaging software (ICQ, MSN, AOL, etc), and phone support is a welcomed bonus. Certified Members who fail to reply to communications by parties involved in their Request within 24 hours could have their CM membership revoked, unless a valid excuse is provided. When planned absences arise, Certified Members must notify the other party by e-mail in advance.

Resolving Disputes
Certified Members must always conduct themselves professionally during any dispute with another party, whether they believe they are right or not. Certified Members should try their best to resolve issues without the help of Buy-Proxy.com Administrators, and without requesting a Request cancellation.

If all else fails, and as a last resort, either party can contact a Buy-Proxy Administrator, who will mediate the dispute. In this event, Certified Members will accept any decision a Buy-Proxy.com Administrator makes regarding their dispute, including refunding or completing a payment.

Making Payment
Certified Members should always use the Buy-Proxy.com Escrow System to pay programmers, and it is highly recommended that your Request description mentions the future use of escrow. Certified Members should always suggest use of the escrow system to the other party, and cannot refuse the request to use escrow. Payments before the full completion of a Request are highly discouraged.

Payments for work finished according to the Request description must always be completed. Payments for work NOT completed exactly according to the Request description must be refunded upon request by the other party, or Buy-Proxy.com Administrators if the funds were in Escrow.

Certified Members should never cancel a deposit made to Buy-Proxy.com for any reason. This includes credit card reversals or cancellations of cashed checks. If such a cancellation of deposit happens accidently, the member must notify Buy-Proxy.com as soon as possible. In the case of a deposit cancellation, the member must make a new deposit to cover any lost funds and, if necessary, any penalty fees charged to Buy-Proxy.com during such a cancellation.

Bidding & Creating Requests
When acting as a Proxy, a Certified Member should never post an unreasonable bid. You must do your best to be informed before deciding on an amount and placing the bid.

When acting as a Principal, a Certified Member should never post a Request with an unreasonable budget, or unreasonable conditions.

Good Conduct
Certified Members must conduct themselves professionaly at all times, as they represent the highest standard that Buy-Proxy.com has to offer. Any Certified Member who violates the (regular) Buy-Proxy.com Terms will immediately lose their Certified Member status, in addition to the normal penalties applied to a member for such violation, such as suspension or banning.

Thank you for considering the Buy-Proxy.com Certified Member program and we look forward having you on board.

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