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How Buy-Proxy Works for YOU!

The internet has made it much easier for everyone to buy things online, but unfortunately there are still many limitations when making online purchases from another country.

For Example:
    ♦  Some products may only be available to customers from certain countries
    ♦  Some merchants may only accept limited payment methods
    ♦  Some merchants will only ship to certain countries
    ♦  Some products may have different prices in different countries

Often the only viable alternative is to find someone resident in a particular country who is willing to assist you with some part of the transaction. Finding that individual can often be a frustrating and fruitless excersise.

Buy-Proxy.com is here to help you find individuals who will help you complete your transaction.

Buy-Proxy Terminology
Some of the terminology used on this site may be strange for new users, here's a quick guide.

Principal  An individual needing assistance to complete a Transaction
ProxyAn individual acting on behalf of a Principal to complete a Trasaction
RequestA post by the Principal, detailing the transaction and the assistance required.
BidAn explanation of how the Proxy intends to fulfill the Request, and the fee they will charge.
EscrowSee Escrow Explained for a detailed explanantion

How the Process works

Creating a Request.
A member who needs assistance with something creates a Request, and is now known as the Principal.

The Request contains a description of the transaction, an explanation of why they can't complete the transaction themselves, and any other information they may feel is relevant.

Sample Request

Hi all,

I am a UK resident, and would like to buy a 8GB iPod Nano as a birthday present for my 9 year old niece who lives in the US.

They are available at the Online Apple Store for US$ 79.00 which includes free Shipping.

The Apple Store won't let me use my UK Credit Card for this transaction, and they don't accept PayPal, additionally my bank would charge me
GB£ 20.00 for a Wire Transfer, which works out to almost half of the price of the iPod itself!

If I buy one locally and ship it myself, the shipping charges also work out to about half of the original cost of tHe iPod

I'd like the iPod to be delivered before the 7th of next month, so that it arrives in time for her birthday.

We can use the Buy-Proxy Escrow system.

Happy Bidding!
A kindly Uncle.

Proxies view the request, and if they wish to assist, they place a bid explaining how they will help, and how much they will charge.

Sample Bid 1   Sample Bid 2
Hello Kindly Uncle,

I'm a US resident, and have used the Online Apple Store several times, I can order your neice's iPod as soon as you accept my bid.

I'll charge you US$ 10.00 for the service, bringing the total amount to US$ 89:00.

Just let me know the delivery address, and I'll make sure she get's it in time for her birthday.

My feedback speaks for itself, 100 happy principals and counting :)

A Professional Proxy

  Greetings Kindly Uncle,

I haven't used the Online Apple Store yet, but I've just checked it out, and the process seems very simple.

I'm a new member at Buy-Proxy, and still haven't gotten any Buy-Proxy feedback yet, but you can view my eBay feedback under the username "proximity".

It's probably best if we use the Escrow service to give us both peace of mind.

Because I'm new here and would like to build up a good feedback record, I'll only be charging you US$ 5:00.

Yours Sincerely

There is also a Request Message Board where a Principals and Proxies can hold further discussions relating to a Request. Message Board posts may be either public or private.

Accepting a Bid
"Kindly Uncle" (The Principal) reviews the bid's and selects "Proximity" as his Proxy.

"Proximity" receives an email advising him that his bid has been accepted, he then log's on to his Buy-Proxy account and accepts the Request.

Once "Proximity" accepts the Request, both parties receive an email with each others contact details.

Because they have agreed to use the Buy-Proxy Escrow system, "Kindly Uncle" transfers US$ 84.00 into an Escrow Account for "Proximity".

Confident that he will be paid, because the money is already in Escrow, "Proximity" then goes to the Online Apple Store and places the order.

Once he has received the order confirmation from Apple, he emails the Confirmation number to "Kindly Uncle".

Accepting a Bid
Once "Kindly Uncle" has checked the Confirmation number, he can track he delivery of his package using online tools.

When he is happy that his neice's iPod has arrived, he logs on to his Buy-Proxy account, and releases the escrowed funds to "Proximity", and leaves him glowing feedback.

"Proximity" receives an email telling him that his money has been released from Escrow, so he also logs on to his Buy-Proxy account and leaves feedback for "Kindly Uncle".

Both "Kindly Uncle" and "Proximity" are happy, and so is a little girl when she receives her birthday present.

We thank you for considering Buy-Proxy.com as a solution to your Online Purchasing requirements.

For more information on Buy-Proxy, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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